3D Animation & Motion Design

We are a studio based in Amsterdam

Product visualizations

We turn heads by making tailored 3D animation work
and motion graphics.

Interior visualizations

Realistic 3D computer renderings for architectural purposes.
Artist impressions and flythrough animation.

Science Center Nemo animations

'Nemo Space Show' animations

Cannes Lions Report 2014

Leader intro and outro for Cannes Lions Report.

Wakker Nederland

Broadcast design and animation for WNL.

LBi Blend

This piece was feautured
in eMerce magazine



Sjoerd is a 3D animator and motion designer, operating from Amsterdam. Contact him for 3D animation, architectural vizualizations, motion design, live action shooting, graphic design, web design and branding.

Worry free

By identifying problems beforehand and tackling them at an early stage, he strives for a worry free workflow. Sjoerd strongly believes that it’s important to think along with his client.


With several years of agency experience Sjoerd can function well in a team and is also capable of delivering projects on his own. He has his own pro hardware at the ready.


Sjoerd likes to travel so he will be flying out anywhere for you. He speaks Dutch, English and German.

The 3D Artist

It’s all about passion. Sjoerd has been working as a 3D animator for several agencies and believes never to stop learning about the subject. Many new techniques are being developed. This means he has to be passionate enough to stay up to date all the time and try out many new techniques. By working freelance he is able to work on a big variety of projects and thus enabling him to stay on top of these technologies. Sjoerd believes his background in graphic design gives him an edge over other 3D artists. It gives him a good eye for detail, which helps a lot in maintaining a high level of quality.

Animation services

The Designer

Sjoerd has a background in design and print media. If you need a logo or a new website, or both, This can all be arranged. Feel free to check the portfolio for some design work. Or read more on this subject by clicking the button.

Design services

"Sjoerd created some stunning 3D visuals and animations for our Science Center Nemo space project. He almost fooled Dutch astronaut André Kuipers in thinking it was a real life shot! "

− Erik van de Wiel, De Monsters Amsterdam

"Sjoerd has been deployed on a wide variety of skills in motion graphics design and animation. His specialty is 3D and now he works as a freelancer. For 3D animation assignments I can recommend him"

− Jeroen Westenbroek, Lutters Creative Studio

"It was a pleasure working with Sjoerd."

− Stephen Taylor, Heat Design - London