Sjoerd Olislagers | MiniBrew
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3D animation, 3D rendering
About This Project

Dutch designed MINIBREW is the first countertop machine to combine all the beer
brewing stages in one software driven device.

MINIBREW is an appcontrolled
machine that makes
precision brewing possible in just 3.5 hours. A
weeklong, or longer for some brews, semiautomated
fermentation process follows to produce 5 litres of
small batch beer.

For the first time ever, the brewing, cooling and fermentation processes are in one simple
device. Specially designed software allows brewing to
be faster without compromising quality.

MINIBREW guarantees successful beer brewing from the first
batch. Natural ingredients are used to ensure quality of
taste while maintaining time tested traditions.

MINIBREW turns elaborate brewing into an easily
perfected craft experience.

MINIBREW’s mission is to democratise the beer space by giving every beer appreciator the
power to produce industry standard brews. MINIBREW proves that anyone can crack open
the beer scene and pioneer new brewing